Lincoln and Jenny - Missionary Associates to South Africa

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Quads and Giraffe

These are some of the 4-wheelers that we got to drive on. (They call them "quads" here.) Jenny drove within 50 feet of a herd of giraffes while on the quad. How often can you say that you were out on a four wheeler and came across a herd of giraffe? The kids were a little scared at first, but eventually had a blast.
The bottom picture is of a herd of giraffes that we came across as we were leaving the farm. Right after I took this picture a whole group of 10 giraffe crossed the road accompanied by about 10 zebra, and 4 wildebeest. They all crossed the road together. It was picture perfect. I got it on video, but not on a still camera.
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