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Monday, July 03, 2006

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This is Lincoln. I wanted to give an update on the baby that I wrote about last month that was sick. (I'll call her Suzie, not her real name for privacy reasons.) She had been in the hospital for around a week. I remember at the time, the emergency room doctor made a comment "If she lives....". Well, I'm happy to say that she is doing good. She is looking so much stronger and healthier than when I was with her in the hospital.
Johnny (not his real name for privacy reasons), the new born who was found on the trash pile in Freedom Park a few weeks ago is also doing good. Dr. Neil examined him on Saturday and said that he is doing remarkable. Dr. Neil was telling me that a world renown dr. was looking over the case files of the children from Lighthouse Shelter. This dr. says that the progress and health of our HIV positive children is absolutely unbelievable. It is remarkable how well they are doing with the treatments that they are on. They key to their health over other patients on the same treatment is that they are watched and cared for so closely. They receive their meals and medicine like clockwork, which is the key to success on this particular treatment. Their blood counts and all of the other standards by which they measure health in HIV positive patients are incredibly improved from when the children came to us. We are so thankful to God for these healthy children, and we are so thankful that God has brought Dr. Neil to help us give these children world class care.
Janis just told me that we just received a new 3 year old boy. He was left at the taxi rank (a taxi station) in Pokeng (a neighboring city.) A taxi driver found the child with a sack of clothes and took him into Child Protective Services. That is all we know for now. We don't know his name, history, or medical condition.
You may ask, "What kind of mother would leave her child like that?" The answer is, "A desperate mother with no hope."
Pray for this child. Pray for his mother. Pray for Africa. Posted by Picasa


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